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Happy National Women’s Small Business Month!

Each October, Bank of America shares its support of women small business owners by celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month. Last year, we introduced the names behind women-owned small businesses by placing their names “up in lights” on a theater marquee. This year, we’ve taken the “You’re Gonna Know Me” idea a step further by showing the faces of the women behind small businesses and sharing their stories with the world. By doing so, we also show the power of working together – the more women we can support in building their businesses, the more opportunity we create for other women.

Bank of America presents:

  “You’re Gonna Know Me”    


You’re gonna value our instincts.

You’re gonna use my technology.

You’re gonna get with my program.

You’re gonna know our policy.

You’re gonna read my book.

You’re gonna face the world with me